Virtual Play: Don’t Fear Shakespeare (In the Park)

Virtual Play: Don't Fear Shakespeare (In the Park)


February 21, 2021 - February 27, 2021    
7:00 pm - 12:00 am

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Don’t Fear Shakespeare (In the Park – Virtual)

Hear ye! Hear ye! All are welcome to attend a virtual performance of Don’t Fear Shakespeare (In the Park!). This collection of scenes from classic Shakespearian plays and sonnets has been created to entertain Shakespearian novices and experts alike. We welcome one and all to join us for this fun and accessible take on these classic tales. Huzzaah!

DATES: Sunday, February 21 – Saturday, February 27
TICKETS: This event is free. Donations welcome.
HOW TO WATCH: This event will stream via Coaster Theatre  YouTube channel or watch directly from beginning Sunday, February 21 at 7:00pm.

DIRECTOR   Patrick Lathrop
COSTUMER   Judith Light
VIDEO   Graham Nystrom from KMUNtv

Christopher Brooks
Katherine Lacaze
Karen Martin
Stewart Martin
Margaret McDonald
Luthian McDonald-Goldstein
Danyelle Tinker-Lowder
Jackie Weber
Britannia Williams
Jeremiah Williams