Station Manager

Susan Peterson

Susan joined the KMUN Team in 2013 as the first full-time Development Director. Her passion for KMUN and community shows in her work. Although very focused on managing the station, Susan is still momentarily distracted by birds and the great outdoors when seated near a window.

Program Director

Jack Harris

Jack Harris has been a volunteer programmer since 1998, served on the Tillicum Foundation Board in the late 20-teens and now looks forward to supporting the volunteer programmers as the Program Director of KMUN. Jack believes in safe, secure and reliable radio and the people that bring it to you. Beyond the airwaves, he'll be throwing plastic in the dirt at your local disc golf course.

Operations Director

Viri Haugen

Viri has been involved in arts and music scenes in various cities and brings this experience to her role at KMUN. She believes everyone has something creative to express, and that this is best experienced through community. She would love to meet your dog, and is always looking forward to the next tasty meal.

Staff photo of membership director Keegan Fifer

Membership Director

Keegan Fifer

Keegan has worked for nonprofit organizations for most of her professional career. She values the heart, soul, and community that nonprofit work fosters. As the Membership Director, she is thrilled to show gratitude and support for Coast Community Radio members and volunteers. When not at the station, you can find her walking along the beach, frolicking in the forest, or sitting at home crocheting.

Creative Director

Emma Geddes

Emma began volunteering as a Dj in 2018, and joined the staff as Program Director in 2020. As Creative Director, she works to expand KMUN's ability to promote its services and connect meaningfully with the surrounding communities through its various platforms. Outside of the station, she is usually found at the loom or pottery wheel.

News Director

Katie Frankowicz

Katie has worked as a journalist on Oregon’s North Coast for more than a decade, writing for regional newspapers and other publications, including a trade magazine for the West Coast commercial fishing industry. Katie believes reliable, interesting and accurate local journalism is key to a healthy and functioning community. She is so excited to get to tell your stories at KMUN.

News Host

Skyler Butenshon

Skyler joined the news department at KMUN in July of 2022, but he has had his ear to the 91.9 speaker his entire life. Growing up in a place like Astoria and experiencing KMUN with its vibrant force of community are two things he will never take for granted. He is grateful and thrilled to create quality, important news programming for Coast Community Radio and its listener family.

Business Development Director

Andy Eddy

Andy has many years of experience working for nonprofits, as well as in advertising and media. As a believer in a strong local community, Andy enjoys building new and lasting relationships that make our communities thrive. He is a long-time KMUN fan, and in his free time he enjoys watching cat videos on the internet.