Effective October 1, 2019

Tillicum Foundation, operating as Coast Community Radio (KMUN-FM, KTCB-FM and KCPB-FM) presents this information to insure compliance with Corporation for Public Broadcasting regulations, and to provide transparency and information to the public regarding business matters:

Open Meetings:

Tillicum Foundation provides 7-day advance notice of all meetings of the board, board committees and Citizen Advisory Board (CAB)  in as on-air announcements. Documentation of on-air announcements, for the purposes of a CPB audit, can be found in our station on-air logs.

Closed Meetings:

Tillicum Foundation makes available to the public the specific reasons for closing a board meeting for executive session. This information will be posted on this website on the Tillicum Foundation Board Minutes page, accessible here.

CPB Employment Statistical Report

Under CPB guidelines, this report is mandatory for organizations with six or more FTE employees. This information is available to the public upon request, in our CPB Public File at our studios in Astoria.

Donor Information

Tillicum Foundation does not share its donor information with any non-affiliated third party, for any purpose.

Station Staff

Names and contact info for station staff are listed on the Staff page on this website, accessible here.

Governing Body members

Names of all Board Members are listed  on the Board of Directors page accessible here.

Community Advisory Board (CAB) members

Names of all CAB members are listed on the Community Advisory Board page, accessible here.

Financial Information

The Tillicum Foundation’s most recent Audited Financial Statement (AFS) is available here.

The Tillicum Foundation (KMUN-FM) Annual Financial Report (AFR) to CPB is available here.

Diversity Statement

The Tillicum Foundation is committed to using radio as an active resource for community development and public access. We seek to involve and establish cooperative efforts among community groups including seniors, women, young people, and ethnic and cultural minorities. We welcome volunteers and staff from all demographics, sexual orientations and viewpoints, so that we can effectively and compassionately represent our listening community.


2019 Local Content and Service Report to the Community

Our Mission:

The non-profit Tillicum Foundation provides independent, non-commercial, community radio programs and services for the greater Lower Columbia Pacific region.

Local Value:

Coast Community Radio has been operating for 34 years, broadcasting to the greater Lower Columbia Pacific region. We operate 24 hours a day, operating three radio stations in our listening area, which stretches from Raymond, WA, to the north and Pacific City, OR, to the south.

We provide and eclectic and personal radio service that includes eclectic and diverse musical programming, local and national news, local public affairs, storytelling, and emergency response.

2019 Key Services:

In addition to our regular program stream on three frequencies, we also provide responsive local information in emergencies ranging from lost pets, to road closure information, storm information, power outage updates and tsunami emergency support and info. We feature live programmers on the air, and have staff and volunteers available to go on the air at any time to provide local coverage of emergency situations that affect our listeners.

We stream our signals and provide access through the TuneIn app. Our musical genres include classical, jazz, reggae, folk, rock, international music, and children’s music. Public affairs programs address local issues, local news programming follows local stories. We also provide national programming from NPR, the BBC, Democracy Now, and other outlets.

Local Impact:

We are the most listened to station in our coastal market. Listeners have told us that we are the “sound track” of their lives. Many people have told us that our station was all they had when the power was out – a comforting voice in an emergency until the power came back on. We regularly give out hand crank radios during funding drives to put radios into the hands of our members that will work when the power is out.

Stories of Impact:

We are the go-to station for listeners to find out what’s happening in an emergency

Station Response to an Issue:

In 2007, our coastal region in Oregon and Washington was hit by a temendous storm that lasted three days and packed sustained winds of over 100 mph. Tremendous damage resulted, including massive power outages that lasted 10 days in some areas, extensive damage to buildings and loss of cell phone service. Throughout the crisis, Coast Community Radio remained on the air, broadcasting continuous information to local residents, sharing information from local officials, and first responders,and ham radio operators.

In the aftermath of this storm, we have developed a robust ham radio community, a number of our staff are ham radio operators and we have a ham station based in our studios. We have developed close partnerships with area first responders and are constantly working to increase our disaster resilience.

Station Response to an Issue:

(July 2020: Watch this space for a COVID-19 station response overview.)

In 2011, when the earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, the earthquake sent a tsunami wave across the Pacific to Oregon waters. Since officials were unsure how damaging the tsunami might be, citizens were in a panic. Coast Community Radio stayed on the air throughout the crisis, keeping people apprised of risks and letting them know when it was safe to return to homes located in inundation areas.

Our area remains a high risk region for earthquake and tsunami. We are committed to being as ready as possible to serve our public in this event.

We also fulfilled a similar role in October 2016, when a tornado ripped through the local community of Manzanita, OR. We remained on the air throughout that crisis, making sure listeners had timely information about risks and advice from local officials and emergency managers.

How we have fulfilled our promise to the community:

We fulfill our mission to the community daily as we provide independent, non-commercial, community radio programs and services for the greater Lower Columbia Pacific region.

Many members and listeners are grateful to us for our commitment to providing them with entertainment, information and emergency response.