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Local News: SETD declares Transit Driver Appreciation Day

Local News: SETD declares Transit Driver Appreciation Day

Especially for transit drivers working during these trying times…

Sunset Empire Transportation District has announced that Wednesday, March 18, 2020 is Transit Driver Appreciation Day here in Clatsop County and across the country. Transit Drivers have a demanding job as they are often driving in adverse weather navigating down narrow streets while keeping a tight schedule, checking fares and giving directions. Drivers play an important part in thousands of lives as they are taking riders to work,to school, to the grocery store, doctor, pharmacy and more. 

Riders and the community are encouraged to join SETD from March 16th thru March 20th in letting SETD Drivers know they are appreciated by thanking them when boarding or leaving the bus or by filling out one of the Driver Thank You Cards which are available at the Astoria Transit Center, Seaside Transit Office or on the SETD buses.

For more information please contact Mary Parker at 503-861-5370 or