Disaster Preparedness Tips from Coast Community Radio:  Recommended Now

  • Make a family plan
  • Check home for hazards
  • Record possessions for insurance
  • Install/test smoke detectors
  • Tie bookshelves and water heater to wall studs
  • Secure storage for important records
  • Locate utility shutoffs, have wrenches handy   

Disaster Preparedness Checklist, Webinars & Podcasts for Persons with Disabilities

The Family Disaster Supplies List

Tip: Build it up week by week…

  • Week 1     Grocery Store – 1 gal. water, 1 jar peanut butter, 1 lg. can juice, 1 can meat, manual can opener, instant coffee, tea, powdered soft drink, permanent marker, additional gallon of water per pet.
  • Week 2    Hardware Store – crescent wrench, heavy rope, duct tape, 2 flashlights and batteries, ‘bungee’ cords.
  • Week 3     Grocery Store – 1 gallon water, 1 can fruit, 1 can meat, sanitary napkins, extra gallon of water per pet.
  • Week 4     Hardware Store – plumber’s tape, crowbar, smoke detector and battery.