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Local News: Public comment sought on Rocky Habitat Management Strategy

Local News: Public comment sought on Rocky Habitat Management Strategy

Last month, the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) released a draft document called the Rocky Habitat Management Strategy, for public comment. It’s part of Oregon’s Territorial Sea Plan, which guides the actions of state and federal agencies that manage Oregon’s coastal and ocean resources. It is currently being updated along with the rest of the Territorial Sea Plan.

The Rocky Habitat Management Strategy affects approximately 41% of Oregon’s 362-mile coastline. Rocky habitats include headlands, tide pools, rocky beaches, cliffs, and offshore rocks along the ocean shore.

The newly revised Rocky Habitat Management Strategy determines classifications such as:

  • Marine Gardens (Marine Education Areas), 
  • Marine Research Areas
  • Marine Conservation Areas,

On the North Coast, there is currently a Marine Garden at Haystack Rock. The western end of Tillamook Head was recommended in 1994 to become a Habitat Refuge, akin to the new Marine Conservation Area category, but was not implemented. The Ecola Point and Sea Lion Rocks area was flagged as needing more information before a designation could be made.

This year, the public will have the opportunity to propose additions, deletions, and revisions to special designations under the Rocky Habitat Management Strategy. That process is detailed in the draft strategy and is expected to start in April.

Public comment on the draft strategy can be submitted through March 1.. To review the draft Rocky Habitat Management Strategy and submit your comments, visit