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Local News: Jordan Cove LNG project permit deadline extension

DSL extends Jordan Cove Removal-Fill permit decision date after request from applicant

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Department of State Lands Director Vicki Walker last week approved extending
the deadline for a Removal-Fill permit decision on the Jordan Cove LNG application to Jan. 31, 2020,
based on a Sept. 13 letter from the applicant requesting the extension. The agency had been scheduled to
decide on the permit on Sept. 20.

Jordan Cove LNG also agreed to submit by Oct. 20 a second set of responses to questions surrounding
substantive and technical issues that are not yet resolved. On Sept. 4, DSL received and is reviewing the
applicant’s first set of responses. This request represents the second extension given by DSL on this
application (File 60697-RF), the first being given on March 5.

DSL received approximately 57,000 comments regarding this permit decision.The Jordan Cove Energy Project is a proposal by Calgary-based energy company Pembina to build a liquefied natural gas export terminal within the International Port of Coos Bay, Oregon. The natural gas would be transported to the terminal by a 234-mile long natural gas pipeline.