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Local News: Astoria again seeks new community development director

Astoria resumes hunt for new community development director

By Joanne Rideout

The City of Astoria is once again seeking a new community development director. That’s after a the city
identified two candidates earlier this year, neither of whom ultimately accepted the position.

The City conducted a meet and greet and interviewed two candidates in May and two new candidates in
July. In both processes, a candidate was identified as a good fit and offered the Director position. The first
candidate accepted the position but later changed their mind. During the second process a candidate was
offered the position but chose to remain at their current place of employment.

In order to better recruit qualified candidates, the Astoria City Council approved a competitive wage
increase for the position. The Director position will be reposted within the next few weeks with the
interview process to take place this fall.

For more information, please contact the City Manager’s Office at 503-325-5824.