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Local News: Ft. George Brewery gets enterprise zone OK from Clatsop County

Local News: Ft. George gets enterprise zone OK from Clatsop County

The Clatsop County Commission this week approved an agreement with Big Beams LLC, owner of Fort George brewing company, for property tax abatements through the Clatsop County Enterprise Zone.

The agreement entitles the company to a 15-year waiver of taxes on new investment on its planned redevelopment of the former Astoria Warehousing property on Marine Drive in Astoria. The tax abatement does not apply to regular property taxes for the lots.

In exchange, Big Beams must make investments totaling at least $12 million and create 35 new jobs paying 130 percent of the local average wage. The company will also partner with Clatsop Community College on courses, internships and other learning opportunities in brewing/fermentation sciences.

The tax abatement will total an estimated $54,000 in revenue waived by the county over the length of the agreement.

The enterprise zone is a partnership of Clatsop County, the Port of Astoria and cities of Astoria and Warrenton.

The company has already received approval from the Port of Astoria, and they City of Astoria. They will seek the city of Warrenton’s approval. Once they have approval from all four entities, they can proceed with the project.