Astoria Fire Department Holiday Food Parade


December 5, 2023 - December 7, 2023    
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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It is time for the 35th Annual Astoria Fire Department Holiday Food Parade!  The parade will be on December 5th, 6th and 7th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

 The Astoria Fire Department fire engines will be parading through your neighborhood to pick up non-perishable food items and donations for needy families this holiday. Fire engines will be decorated with lights, holiday music will be playing, and we have
heard that Santa and Bob the Elf will be riding with us!
Please fill a bag with non-perishable food items and leave it at the curb, or have it visible to us as we come through your neighborhood.
We will also accept bags of non-perishable food and donations at Astoria Fire Department, 555 30th St. Astoria.

Tuesday, December 5th

Emerald Heights: Start at Towers, Towers to Mitscher, Mitscher to Halsey, Halsey to Nimitz, Nimitz to Community Center

Alderbrook: Resume 45th and Cedar, Cedar to 47th , 47th to Birch, Birch to 51st , 51st to Cedar, Cedar to 45th, 45th to Lief Erikson, Lief Erikson to 44th

Uppertown: Resume 37th to Duane, Duane to 36th, 36th to Franklin, Franklin to 33rd , 33rd to Harrison, Harrison to 35th, 35th to Harrison Circle back to 35th , 35th to Grand, Grand to 33rd , 33rd to Marine Dr.

Wednesday, December 6th

Start at 8th and Franklin, Franklin to 17th , 17th to Irving, Irving to 8th, 8th to Jerome, Jerome to 15th , 15th to Madison, Madison to Miller Lane, Miller Lane to Niagara, Niagara to Ridge Drive, Ridge Drive to Madison, Madison to 8th , 8th to Lexington, Lexington to 6th, 6th to Kensington, Kensington to Valley, Valley to Skyline, Skyline to Franklin, Franklin to 5th, 5th to Harrison, Harrison to 7th,  7th to Grand, Grand to 6th, 6th to Franklin, Franklin to 8th

Thursday, December 7th

Start at Columbia, Columbia to Alameda, Alameda to West Lexington, West Lexington to West Irving, West Irving to Pacific, Pacific to West Lexington, West Lexington to Altadena, Altadena to Pleasant, Pleasant to West Niagara, West Niagara to Glasgow,
Glasgow to Denver, Denver to Alameda, Alameda to West Klaskanine, West Klaskanine to 3rd, 3rd to Lexington, Lexington to 5th , 5th to Klaskanine, Klaskanine to 7th , 7th to Niagara, Niagara to 8th, 8th to Klaskanine, Klaskanine to 9th, 9th to Niagara