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Two new COVID cases in Wahkiakum County

There are two new COVID-19 cases in Wahkiakum County, the county health and human services agency announced today. Patients are in self quarantine. There is a connection to Wahkiakum School District, but no known connection to St. James Childcare. Schools will remain open.

This brings Wahkiakum to a cumulative total of 99 cases, with 18 of those potentially active. For counting purposes, WHHS is using 21 days from positive test result as “recovered.” This number is relatively arbitrary and based on limited information from the CDC, WHO, and DOH. There are not sufficient supplies to retest individuals to see if they no longer test positive.

The school and health Department are working together to identify anyone who may have an exposure risk because of contact with the individuals. Those people with close contact will be notified by Health and Human Services staff.