A Story Told, September 16 2021

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker delivers an original rant on the subject of America’s delicate and imperfect constitutional democracy. And from David Horowitz, in self explanatory fashion: “Vietnam Anti-war Protests and the Legacy of Social Movements.”    

A Story Told, September 9 2021

On the next Story Told, an original monologue from Michael McCusker about 9/11, not only referring to the so-called ‘war on terror,’ but also to the rise of Augusto Pinochet. Additionally, “Counter Babble,” by Judith Grifface, and “September 11ᵗʰ,” by Jessie Duncan. Finally, Kathryn Colbert and Julie F. Kay warns that “It’s time to brace ourselves for a world without…

A Story Told, September 02 2021

On the next Story Told, a program of sweat and saltwater to celebrate Astoria’s foremost profession: the fisherman and fisherwoman, featuring “The Price of Fish” by Michael McCusker. Also from Michael, a journal excerpt, “Two Days Aboard the Albacore Trawler ‘Falling Star.’”    

A Story Told, August 26 2021

On the next Story Told, “The Twenty-Sixth of August” will be when this program takes place, and it will also be the title of the first piece on this program, written by Leanora Murray. Additionally, “The Equal Rights Amendment,” from Michael McCusker, and from Tamim Ansary “History shows us that outsiders can never bring peace to Afghanistan.”    

A Story Told, August 12 2021

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker ponders whether nuclear holocost or climate change will get us first. Also, “Earth’s Checklist,” a poem, by Margit L. Bowler, and on a related note, Carl Safina and Paul Greenberg claim “We Need an Infrastructure Package for Nature.” Finally, Eugene Robinson puts it simply by saying, “Ignoring climate change hasn’t made it go…

A Story Told, August 05 2021

On the next Story Told, living in the year 76 NA, standing for ‘nuclear age,’ Michael reads the contemporary “Mushrooms in August.” Additionally, Dr. Robert Brake tells the American people to “Put ‘Em Up!” and lastly, a tribute to the Astorian Charles Scott Parker

A Story Told, July 22 2021

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker sings a dead bird’s song in telling an abridged history of the North Coast Times Eagle. Additionally “My Mother in Hot Summer,” “Cabbages in the Garden,” “The Sage,” “Picking Pears,” “The City of Sorrows,” and “The Soft Rain” all by Walt Curtis of unofficial Oregon poet laureate fame.