A Story Told, December 30 2021

On the next Story Told, from the KMUN vault, an excerpt of the final Words Words Words program, hosted by Dire Day, as transcribed and read by Michael McCusker. And in closing for this year, “Resolutions for 2022,” which are, exactly the same as the previous resolutions

A Story Told, December 23 2021

On the next Story Told, a Christmas-adjacent program featuring Santa Claus, who’s recently been suspected of smuggling cocaine across the boarder from the North Pole in “Snowtime for Santa.” Also, an excerpt from “The Complete Kwanzaa: Celebrating Our Cultural Harvest,” by Dorothy Winbush Riley. And finally, by Michael McCusker, “Born to be a Rebel.”      

A Story Told, December 16 2021

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker delivers an original rant pertaining to the Bill of Rights. Also, from Dr. Robert Brake, “The Bill of Rights: America’s Greatest Afterthought?” And finally, “Mark Meadows has already established a coup plot. Do we care enough to stop him?,” written by Jennifer Rubin.  

A Story Told, December 09 2021

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker presents “On the Occasion of the 80ᵗʰ Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.” Also, Dr. Robert Brake gives a “Bizarre Suggestion,” being a lyrically practical homage to the DC-3 Airliner. Finally, redressing a longtime mischaracterization in “Why Norman Rockwell left Thanksgiving Americana behind,” by Andrew L. Yarrow    

A Story Told, December 02 2021

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker delves into the Oregon’s Citizen’s Alliance, otherwise known as the O.C.A., in “Petition of Prejudice.” Also, “Arthur’s House” from Katrin Bridget Snow, and poetry from Juanita Huebner, “Walking Tour of Astoria.”