A Story Told, September 01 2022

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker deliver’s an original screed based on a repressed 1979 article from The Progressive Magazine. That article is titled “The H-Bomb Secret. How we got it – why we’re telling it.” Michael calls it “The People’s Bomb.” Also, from the brilliant and mad penmanship of R. Louis Richards, “Clearcut Feeling.”  

A Story Told, August 18 2022

Salman Rushdie earns the ultimate literary award: a politically and religiously motivated death sentence, in, “My Dinner with Salman Rushdie,” written by Eugene Robinson. Also, happy birthday to the station’s own Michael McCusker, PSU’s David Horowitz, unofficial poet laureate Walt Curtis, and Shanghaied in Astoria godmother Judy Niland.

A Story Told, June 30 2022

On the next Story Told, 2022 is half over, and to celebrate, or lament, Michael McCusker brings an untitled rant to the table on the faux-supremacy of men. Also from Michael, “Sons of Liberty.” And from Robert Brake, “The Big Bang: My Not Much of a Love Affair with the 4ᵗʰ of July.” Finally, poetry by Larry Barrows, A.K.A., Dire…

A Story Told, June 23 2022

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker reflects on the year nineteen sixty seven in “The Summer of Love, and Legend.” Also by Michael, “Rise and Fall of an Iron Curtain.” And lastly some summer-child-themed poetry, including, but not limited to “Summer’s Children,” and “To Preserve Children.”

A Story Told, June 02 2022

On the next Story Told, material from Connie Rose Anderson on the subject of Astoria’s newfound tourism phenomenon. And, “Bloody Monday,” by Michael McCusker and David Horowitz. Again from Michael, a piece titled “A New Civil War.” And finally, “Here Comes Your Ghost Again,” from Robin Sawyer circa 1992.

A Story Told, May 05 2022

On the next Story Told, tributes to Donna Kathleen Wright, and Dr. Robert Brake of Ocean Park, Washington, a longtime and essential contributor to this program. Also, from 1996, an open letter to Hillary Clinton simply titled “Dear Hillary,” by Loyola Marsef. And from David Horrowitz, “Marching with the Peoples’ Army in Vietnam-Era Portland.” Finally, Arthur Honeyman’s “Spastic Power.”  

A Story Told, April 28 2022

On the next Story Told, an original screed by Michael McCusker on the end of the Vietnam War, forty-seven years ago on April 30th, 1975. And in the headlines “Italian Woman, Age Seventy-Two, To Walk Marco Polo’s Path From Venice To Beijing.” Finally, a piece of poetry by Jack L. Weigardt simply titled “Sounds.”  

A Story Told, March 10 2022

On the next Story Told, M.L. Graham’s “Ground Zero,” along with original musings on the topic of nuclear war from Michael McCusker. Also, Cole Arthur Riley breathes a sigh of relief in “Back History Month is over. Thank goodness.” Finally, “Road to Country,” a poem by the recently passed Claudia Harper.