A Story Told – August 10th, 2023

Michael McCusker delivers a program almost exclusively about Nuclear War. Including (but not limited to) “Forgotten Bomb, Forgotten City,” by Greg Mitchell. “Amid the Lovely and Lethal Remains,” by Ken Olsen. And on the 78ᵗʰ anniversary of the American nuclear attacks against Japan, Hiroshima’s mayor claims “Nuclear deterrence is folly.”  

A Story Told – August 3rd, 2023

Michael McCusker delivers rapid fire material! Including: “Putin is preparing for a major war,” by Jack Walls. “The Last Days of Mankind,” by Karl Kraus. “Why War Is Never a Good Idea,” by Alice Walker. “How to Write a Poem About Singing,” by Tracy McCusker. And a tribute to the recently passed Sinéad O’Connor, written by Una Mullally.

A Story Told – July 27th, 2023

Michael McCusker reads material from the New Yorker magazine. The headline is “Finally, the Trump Case We’ve Been Waiting For,” and Susan B. Glasser is the article’s author. Additionally, from the New York Times, “Democrats Try a Novel Tactic to Revive the Equal Rights Amendment,” written by Annie Karni.