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Remains of missing woman found

The remains of a Svenson woman who disappeared in 2019 have been found on an island on the Columbia River.

The Oregon State Police Medical Examiner’s office has positively identified remains found on Lois Island, an island located between Tongue Point and the John Day river outlet, as those of 29-year-old Maya Sanders who was reported missing in March 2019. 

Police later determined her last known location was in the North Tongue Point area. Video footage showed her walking on a pier but not returning. A rescue dog was taken to the same location, walked to the end of a pier and stopped. Because of this, police believed Sanders had likely gone into the water.

Sanders reportedly suffered from disabilities. Police did not suspect foul play in her disappearance.

In a statement today, investigators said there is still nothing to suggest Sanders was a victim of criminal activity. The remains found on Lois Island appear to have been there for some time.