The Niche

Every other Sunday, 12-2am

The Niche, the radio show, is a certain flavor of odd tunes sequenced together for the purpose of sharing some of the world’s creative genius. I often feature artists from unexpected places playing music you’d never expect in an attempt to push the bar on what is happening sonically. I’ll tend to play most recent works from artists as an attempt to premiere their hard work, but don’t always and sometimes give nods to the past.

The niche features alternative psychedelic jazzpop, electro punk, soul-influenced indie pop, magical noise music, outsider music, sound collages, trippy hiphop, poetry, and more.

I enjoy bringing local artists from the Astoria area into the lineup as much as I love playing music from Russia, Nepal, Japan, or Africa. I am yours, KMUN. Dig the niche.