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OSP Responds to Activities at the Oregon State Capitol


On Monday, December 21, 2020 at approximately 8:30 A.M., a group of people attempted to enter and protest inside the Oregon State Capitol.  The Oregon State Capitol is closed due to COVID precautions.  The Oregon State Capitol had set up televisions outside of the building for people to monitor the proceedings inside.  Oregon State Police Troopers had checked and secured the doors to the Capitol.  A door on the Northwest corner of the building was opened by a person exiting the building.  Several protesters entered the vestibule area.  There they were contacted by Troopers and asked to leave.  As Troopers attempted to keep them from entering the main area of the Capitol, the altercation became physical (pushing).  A protester sprayed some kind of chemical irritant (mace /OC / bear spray) into the vestibule.  Troopers used inert Pepper Balls to keep the crowd back (essentially a paint ball filled with an inert powder) and Salem Police were able to keep the crowd contained in the vestibule. 

OSP Troopers and Salem Police gave everyone in the vestibule several warnings to leave or they would be arrested for trespassing.  At approximately 10:30 A.M., a protester again sprayed a chemical irritant at police.  Police arrested Ryan Lyles (41) for felon in possession of body armor and unlawful use of mace.  Protesters also deployed a device, which emitted smoke during the engagement.

Two people remained in the vestibule and were arrested, Ronald Vanvlack (75) and Jerry Dyerson (53) were charged with Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct.

At approximately 1:30 P.M., the crowd again attempted to gain entry through a door on the west side of the Capitol.  The window to the door was broken, but the building was not accessed.  Police arrested Jeremiah Pruitt (35) for Criminal Mischief and Disorderly Conduct. 

Jeremy Roberts (40) was also identified as a person that attempted to gain access through the west door and an attack on two reporters.  Troopers are attempting to locate him at this time and he is not currently in custody.

All arrested were lodged at the Marion County Jail and charges will be referred to the Marion County District Attorney’s Office for consideration.

The 3rd Special Session of the 80th legislative assembly was able to continue and conduct legislative business throughout the day.