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Local News: Yes, another tornado in Manzanita

Local News: Yes, another tornado in Manzanita

Tillamook County Emergency Manager Gordon McCraw confirmed that at around 11 am Tuesday, a tornado touched down in Manzanita. It’s been classified as an EF 0, meaning winds 65-70 mph. There were three homes with minor damage, and some damaged trees.

Tornadoes are rated using the Enhanced Fujita Scale, named for Ted Fujita, a renowned storm researcher based at the University of Chicago. The Scale goes from the lowest measurement of EF 0, like yesterday’s event, up to EF 5 which includes winds over 200 mph.

Shortly before yesterday’s tornado hit, the national weather service issued a Marine Weather Statement regarding severe thunderstorm activity over the ocean. At about 10:15 am, Doppler radar showed a large area of thunderstorms, capable of producing winds to around 40 knots, occasional cloud to water lightning, and small hail were from near Cape Disappointment to 9 nm northwest of Tillamook Head to southwest of Cape Falcon, moving northeast at 30 knots. Conditions were consistent with others that have caused tornadoes and water spouts in the past.

The tornado was the second one to hit Manzanita in recent years. In 2016, an EF 2 packing winds tornado touched down in the coastal community. Peak winds in that tornado were estimated at 125–130 mph. Although it lasted only two minutes, the 2016 tornado damaged 128 homes, rendered one uninhabitable, and downed one-third of the city’s trees. No injuries were reported and damage reached $1 million.

KOMO news reported that four tornado warnings were briefly in effect for Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Quinault and parts of rural central Grays Harbor County in Washington after Doppler Radar indicated rotation was present and tornadoes were possible.

Accuweather reports that storms are lning up over the northern Pacific Ocean and barreling into the Northwest, and are likely to hit the region every one to two days on average.

By the way, Gordon McCraw says it’s pure coincidence that two tornadoes hit Manzanita. There’s no known reason why the area should be struck twice.