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LOCAL NEWS: Wahkiakum County Targets Limited Testing, Recommends Masks   

LOCAL NEWS: Wahkiakum County Targets Limited Testing, Recommends Masks   

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Southwest Washington’s  Wahkiakum County  is targeting limited testing with telephone screening and now is recommending wearing masks while in public.  Kathleen Morgain has more.

The County is holding steady with two reported positive test results for COVID-19.  In a briefing Friday, Health and Human Services Director Chris Bischoff said one additional test is waiting for results.

“We do have one in process that I know of. Most clinics and labs don’t tell me they’re in process, so that’s one in process that I know of. I believe we’ve had about thirteen recent results over the last seven days that have come back as negative.” 

The county is now aligning with CDC recommendations for wearing masks when in public.  Bischoff said the county is accepting donations of home made face masks, needed for first responders and clinic workers.  When the supply exceeds demand for those at highest risk the masks may be made publicly available. 

“I do recommend you wear a mask when you go out in public.  There is some positivity to them, just as long as you remember that all the other things need to happen with it. By other things, you need to wash your hands.  You need to not touch your face. You need to keep up your social distancing. You need to stay home as much as you can.  All of those are much more likely to protect you than the mask you’re wearing.  The mask can just add a little more protection to that. 

Bischoff said currently there are 9, 753 cases in Washington, with an approximate average of 400 new cases per day being reported. 

Wahkiakum residents who are exhibiting  symptoms such a fever of over 100, dry cough, chest tightness or shortness of breath to call the Wahkiakum screening number 360-849-4010. 

In Wahkiakum County, I’m Kathleen Morgain.