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Local News: Tillamook Warming Center closes for the season

Local News: Tillamook Warming Center closes for the season

The Tillamook CARE Warming Center released a statement Friday saying that the center was suspending center operations. CARE is a non profit social services agency in Tillamook that runs the warming center. Erin Skaar is executive director.

Skaar said in a press release, “I’m sorry to share that due to the COVID-19 outbreak we will be suspending our regular warming center operations for the remainder of the season.  The facility we use simply is not set up for us to be able to follow shelter guidance that has been issued to keep people safe,” she said in a press release.  

With cold temperatures expected this weekend, the shelter will organize a pop-up warming camp in the CARE parking lot. They’ll have staff available Saturday evening from 5-7 to issue tents, sleeping bags and extra blankets to the homeless, and will allow campers to stay in the parking lot for the night, and the same on Sunday. A port-a-potty will be stationed in the CARE parking lot.

“This is an unprecedented time and we are working to care for those without homes as best we can,” Staaf said.  “We appreciate everyone’s support.”