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Local News: National Voter Registration Day

Today, September 24th, is National Voter Registration Day, and you can make sure you are registered to vote by updating your voter registration information.

Here in Astoria, volunteers from Indivisible North Coast Oregon will be on hand to assist you with registering and updates.

They’ll be at the Astoria Senior Center at 11th and Exchange St in Astoria, from 10 am to 2 pm today, and also at Clatsop Community College, in the 2nd floor lobby of Columbia Hall, located at 16th and Lexington.

If you’ve moved since you last registered, you need to provide your new address to make sure you get your ballot. If you want to vote in a party primary election, you can do that in Oregon only if you are registered with that party. In Oregon, registering as Independent makes you a member of the Independent Party. To be non-affiliated, you must choose “Not a member of a party.”

In Oregon, ex-felons can vote, and have to re-register. People on parole can also vote. Only felons still in prison can’t vote. People without identification issued by the DMV can use the last four numbers of their Social Security number.

You can register anytime at the County Clerk’s office in your town. In Astoria, that’s at 820 Exchange, Ste. 200. You can also register to vote on-line through the Oregon Secretary of State website.