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LOCAL NEWS: Governor makes declaration as hospital shortages loom

LOCAL NEWS: Governor makes declaration as hospital shortages loom

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is ordering hospitals and other health care providers to stop elective procedures. The move is designed to conserve crucial medical supplies. Coast Community Radio’s Jacob Lewin has details.

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The Oregon Health Authority says the state is likely to run out of masks, gowns and gloves soon unless immediate action is taken. The majority of manufacturers are in China, which is banning exports of the supplies. The state is trying to access supplies through the federal government,but has had limited success so far. That lack of supply is one reason the governor has ordered hospitals to stop non emergency procedures.

Columbia Memorial Hospital stopped nonessential surgeries this week. The state is focusing on slowing progression of the virus so as not to overwhelm the health care system. Meanwhile it is setting up a temporary hospital in Salem but wants existing hospitals to create 1000 temporary beds. Locally, personnel from Camp Rilea are working with maintenance crews to put up tents outside the hospital. Brown is also ordering limits on visits to hospitals to help protect health care workers and patients.

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