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Local News: Afghanistan vet joins Astoria impeachment rally

A couple of hundred people attended yesterday’s Indivisible North Coast Oregon Rally for Impeachment in Astoria, Oregon. One was a female veteran of the war in Afghanistan. Coast Community Radio’s Joanne Rideout reports.

Script below. Scroll down to Listen [3:00].

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Protesters gathered on Marine Drive east of downtown with signs and flags. Most drivers passing in vehicles tooted their encouragement. Here’s INCO organizer Laurie Caplan:

Laurie Caplan: “everybody’s here because most people know that nobody is above the law, and that Trump should be impeached and removed from office. So around the country there are more than 500 marches and rallies just like this, for people to speak up and show their support for impeachment and for our constitution and for our government and democracy.”

Julia Stavenhagen, of Warrenton, is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. She stood on the sidewalk holding a large American Flag., the same flag that flew over Kabul, when she was stationed there in 1999.

Julia Stavenhagen: “I served, I joined the military in 1999, and I served all the way through the 9/11 attacks in 2001. So, I served as a Chinese linguist until 2005 and then I joined the National Security Agency. And I actually worked as an engineering specialist in Fort Mead. Maryland, until 2008. I’m here to protest the systematic traitorship by Donald J. Trump, and his hijacking of this country. I’m here to support the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump from office.”

Cynthia is from Warrenton.

Cynthia: “I’m here because I feel like it’s my civic duty to stand up for our constitution. I just don’t feel like what we have in our administration today is good for the country and – I need to do something. And I’m kind of exhausted by it all because I’ve kind of been at this for years, I thought it ended in the 60s, but oh, no. It’s a time that we have to fight for our democratic republic, and that’s the way it goes.”

Frank Erickson is from Seaside.

Frank Erickson: “It’s important to show the public and the rest of the world that we are for democracy, still. And we have to protect it by following due process. And if someone is committing treason or has corruption, there ought to be a remedy for that and it’s impeachment. So we’re here to support due process.”

The rally lasted about an hour, and mirrored other rallies held around the Pacific Northwest and the nation, as Congress prepares to vote on whether to impeach president Donald Trump. In Astoria, I’m Joanne Rideout reporting.

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