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Clatsop County vaccination update

An update on local vaccination efforts in Clatsop County: 

Clatsop County Public Health and its local partners will begin offering COVID-19 vaccines next week to members of the next priority groups identified by the state, including adults age 45 to 64 with underlying health conditions.

The county is also hosting a vaccination clinic for east-county residents on Wednesday, March 31 at Jewell School. And a special weekend clinic will be held Saturday, April 3 at the Seaside Convention Center.

Under the State of Oregon’s phased vaccine priority schedule, several groups are due to be eligible for shots beginning Monday, March 29, including adults 45-64 with underlying conditions, seafood workers, homeless people and others.

Adults with underlying health conditions are being scheduled for the Task Force’s regular vaccination clinics held Mondays through Thursdays in Astoria and Seaside. Appointments will be made based on age – 64-year-olds first, then 63-year-olds, and so on. To get an appointment, sign up with the county’s Vaccine Survey/Interest Form on the Clatsop County website.

The Task Force is arranging outreach vaccine clinics for other populations that are eligible under the state guidelines beginning March 29.

The April 3 Seaside vaccine clinic will be held from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Seaside Convention Center, 415 1st Ave. It is also by appointment only – eligible individuals who have signed up with the county’s Vaccine Survey/Interest Form will be contacted by the county for instructions on registering for the event. 


Currently the county is receiving only limited deliveries of this one-dose vaccine, and as a result is reserving it for individuals and groups with mobility challenges or other barriers to accessing vaccines through the regular vaccination clinics.

We urge people to take the first available vaccine, and not put off getting vaccinated in the hope of getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine,” said Margo Lalich, Clatsop County Public Health Director.

If you need help getting to a vaccination event, there are multiple providers:

·   NW Rides (503) 861-0657 or 1-888-793-0439 (no charge)

·   Dial-A-Ride (Sunset Empire Transportation District) (503) 861-7433(no charge)

·   Medix Non-Emergency Medical Transport (503) 861-1990

·   K&M Medivan (503) 791-4347

As of March 24 a total of nearly 13,000 vaccine doses have been administered locally, either through the county’s Vaccine Task Force or by pharmacies or other providers, and approximately 4,500 residents are fully vaccinated. This week the Task Force plans to give 1,300 first- and second-dose shots at three vaccination events.