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BREAKING LOCAL NEWS: Clatsop County has its first confirmed COVID case

BREAKING LOCAL NEWS: Clatsop County has its first confirmed COVID case

by Joanne Rideout

The coronavirus has arrived on the north Oregon coast. KMUN’s Joanne Rideout reports. [1:22]

Clatsop County Health Director Mike McNickle held a press conference by phone with media at 10 am Monday to announce that the county has its first case.

Mike McNickle:”This morning the Clatsop County Health Department was informed that a resident of Clatsop County has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The individual is a female between 35-54 years of age. At this time we do not have information on her current medical condition. The health department is currently working to notify all known contacts of this individual, through our established case investigation process. All those identified in this context will be placed under monitoring. And any requirements for self isolation, testing and medical care that may apply. Again, we want to make sure that everybody knows that the case for these folks – right now our staff is currently contacting them, following up with them and their contacts so we have more contacts. So that’s our current way we are going to operate for the next few days.”

Name and residence of the patient have not been released. McNicke said she is a resident of north Clatsop County. The health department is investigating all known contacts of this person. No word yet about her prognosis or where she is being treated, The state health department will release more details later.

From Astoria, I’m Joanne Rideout reporting.