Mick Mortlock

Mick Mortlock

(term expires 11/2023)

Mick Mortlock has had a segmented adult life: family, professional and non-profits.

He has been married to Annie Scott since 1984. They have raised three children together: Laura, Sarah and Leigh. Laura lives in Portland; Sarah is in Seattle and Leigh is an Astoria Realtor that some readers may know. Leigh and her partner Mitch have graciously provided us with two granddaughters.

Most of Mick’s career was spent at Intel Corporation where he developed the specialty of starting and operating corporate universities. He helped start Unisys University and Cigna Technology Institute. In 2003, Mick was recognized by The Public Manager magazine as one of America’s leading futurists.

Mick was a founder and co-executive director of Democracy Talking, tackling the problem of being able to communicate across the political divide. He was president of Healthy Democracy Oregon for over three years, a group that lobbied successfully for improving Oregon’s ballot measure initiative system. This initiative review process has been functioning since 2008. He was a member of the Lake Oswego Sustainability Committee.

Mick has a degree in Philosophy from PSU, a certificate in Advanced Internet Commerce from MIT, and a masters in Educational Leadership and Policy from PSU. His research is currently focused on two problems, the dangers of drone terrorism, and dangers to democracy.