Around Our Schools

An exploration of our local education system and opportunities.

Around Our Schools, November 09 2021

This month’s Around Our Schools program interviews Astoria Schools Superintendent, Craig Hoppes (pronounced “hop-pes”) and Astoria School Board member, Jenna Rickenbach. The interview discusses the status of current  construction projects, the bond measure that supported construction, and the many successes and stressors of providing quality education during a global pandemic. Join Sara Meyer as she…

Around Our Schools, October 12 2021

October’s Around Our Schools program continues our interests in the Tongue Point Job Corps Program. We interview Kris Saulsbury, Career and Technical Trades Manager, and Cisco Martinez, a current Job Corps student. Kris will explain how career and technical trade training work and he will describe what a week in the trades looks like for…

Around Our Schools, September 14 2021

Join us for the next Around Our Schools program as we continue to learn about a local gem — the Tongue Point Job Corps Center. During this interview we speak with Amanda Lamb, Group Life Manager, Heidi Sather, Academic Manager, and Jon DeCourt, a current Job Corps student.  

Around Our Schools, August 10 2021

Around Our Schools interviews Tongue Point Job Corps Center’s newly approved Director, Kim Zufelt, a local, long-time Job Corps employee. Hear her moving success story along with life-long resident, Katrina Gasser, Tongue Point Job Corps’ Liaison to the Community. Their personal stories celebrate local expertise and their commitment to empowering students from all over the…

Around Our Schools, May 11 2021

This month, Around Our Schools interviews three faculty from Clatsop Community College. They are Teena Toyas, Julie Brown, and Pat Keefe. The discussion includes information about the breadth of classes they teach, how they maintain their credentials, a description of new academic support programs, and personal stories of student success.  

Around Our Schools, April 13 2021

This month’s interview features Kevin Leahy, the Executive Director of Clatsop Small Business Development Center and the Director of CEDR – Clatsop Economic Development Resources. Kevin is an employee of Clatsop Community College. This interview provides information about the partnership between the College and the local business community.  

Around Our Schools, March 09 2021

This month, Around Our Schools program host, Sara Meyer, interviews Jerad Sorber, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Clatsop Community College. Jerad shares many program updates and support areas available for students. Margaret Frimoth adds information about HB2864 requirements for Cultural Competency, and Sara reminds listeners about the upcoming March 13th “Women Interested In Going…

Around Our Schools, February 09 2021

Host Sara Meyer and engineer Margaret Frimoth bring you Around Our Schools: an exploration of our local education system, from career opportunities and campus news, to impacts on the local economy and personal interviews. Join them for their first episode this Tuesday, when Sara interviews Kristen Wilkin, Dean of Workforce Education & Training for Clatsop…