An Adventure in History

An Adventure in History, July 11 2021

Mac & Alana welcome Vince Huntington, retired Physical Therapist and Medical Administrator, to chat about his career in Montana, Alaska, and Oregon and his more recent volunteer work.  Mac geeks out on a wild-west melee, Alana’s daughter is on an anti-smoking crusade, and we all wonder why Richard Dawson was kissing everyone on the Family…

An Adventure in History, June 06 2021

Ok kids, class is in session.  Local education legend Leila Collier is on hand to grade Mac & Alana.  Alana gets an “A” for coming prepared, asking excellent questions, and being so charming.  Mac gets an “F” for comparing the British Museum with the Clatsop County Historical Society and for needlessly plagiarizing from Vegas Vacation.

An Adventure in History, January 24 2021

Grab a cool refreshing beverage, pop some popcorn, sit back and get ready for. . .the Battle of Cape Lookout!  Mac & Alana tell the edge-of-your-seat story about Japanese Submarines and the Oregon Coast during World War II.  This story is the exciting sequel to the Japanese Submarine that shelled Fort Stevens.

An Adventure in History, January 17 2021

Mac and Alana chat with Elaine Trucke, Executive Director of the Cannon Beach History Center and Museum.  How did Cannon Beach get it’s name?  What is Mac’s favorite bear?  And just when did the “Six Million Dollar Man” tv show go off the rails?  Tune in for these and other exciting things you need to…