A Story Told

A Story Told – February 23, 2023

Michael McCusker shares an article he wrote, that, at the time, was an attempt to prevent a race riot between white and black U.S. military that were stationed in Iwakuni, Japan. Also, from Janai Nelson, “Ron DeSantis Want to Erase Black History. Why?” Finally, poetry by Hobe Kyter, graciously provided by Susie McLerie-Blackmar, titled “Astoria Maritime Memorial.”

A Story Told, February 02 2023

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker kicks off Black History Month with, what else, but a black-intensive program, featuring an article that reads “Florida is offering an advanced lesson in anti-blackness,” by the writer Karen Attiah. Also, “Yale honors black girl, 9 years old, wrongly reported to police over insect project,” written by Ramon Antonio Vargas.

A Story Told – January 12 2023

An outright partisan program featuring “There are no moderate House Republicans,” written by Jennifer Rubin, supplemented by original writing from Michael McCusker. Also, effective January the first, “Legal Use of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Begins in Oregon,” written by Andrew Jacobs. Finally a tribute to Jack London, from McCusker.

A Story Told – December 15th, 2022

A smattering of articles, poetry, and commentary, such as Paul Waldman’s “Truth can defeat ‘gaslighting,’ but not always.” Gaslighting being Merriam-Webster’s 2022 word of the year. Also, Jeremy Plester asks “Could hemp be a key tool in the fight against climate change?” Finally “Tribute: The Goddess of Liberty,” by Michael Horowitz.

A Story Told, November 17 2022

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker presents original, but untitled material that relates to Ann Coulter’s call to threaten liberals with death. Also, Michelle Goldberg warns that “The Trump Show Is Back,” and urges curious viewers not to tune in. Finally, Thomas Homer-Dixon and Johan Rockström ask “What Happenens When a Cascade of Crises Collide?”

A Story Told, September 01 2022

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker deliver’s an original screed based on a repressed 1979 article from The Progressive Magazine. That article is titled “The H-Bomb Secret. How we got it – why we’re telling it.” Michael calls it “The People’s Bomb.” Also, from the brilliant and mad penmanship of R. Louis Richards, “Clearcut Feeling.”