Since 1937, the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge has groomed our lower Columbia River basin as habitat for a wide diversity of wildlife. Three National Wildlife Refuges managed as part of the Willapa Complex host migrating waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors and songbirds. Amphibians, reptiles and mammals join our feathered friends in one of the most productive environments on earth.

The Friends of the Willapa Wildlife Refuge, a nonprofit organization, work to support refuge programs and enhance awareness and appreciation of the Refuge. For this reason, the Friends have teamed up with Coast Community Radio to produce a weekly program, Willapa Nature Notes.

Learn about endangered species, as well as more commonly seen species, from bird expert Dr. Madeline Kalbach and how we can help the refuge, from Refuge Project Manager Jackie Ferrier. Botanist Kathleen Sayce will take the mystery out of what grows, both wanted and unwanted, along our trails, roadsides and backyards. Our production team is Kitt Flemming, from Oysterville’s Shoalwater Storytellers and Bob Duke, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Friends group.

The Willapa National Wildlife Refuge participates in a number of public awareness events and programs throughout the year, from guided nature walks to photo contests and art events for the kids. Tune in weekly to Willapa Nature Notes and hear what the Refuge has planned for the coming week. Discover how we can become involved in International Migratory Bird Day, Endangered Species Day, and many more activities for the entire family.

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