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Hosts Linda Perkins and Merianne Myers talk about what they’re cooking, baking, eating, and sharing in this twice-monthly locally produced program about all things delicious.

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Join Merianne Myers and Linda Perkins for Food Talk! listen12/18/2017
Join Merianne Myers and Linda Perkins for a spirited discussion about all things edible on Food Talk. listen12/04/2017
Join Merianne Myers and Linda Perkins for lively banter about food and cooking on Food Talk! listen11/20/2017
Join Merianne Myers and Linda Perkins on Food Talk for a chat about food, cooking and other cozy topics. listen11/08/2017
Join Merianne Myers and Linda Perkins for your weekly look at Food on the Coast. listen10/18/2017
On today's Eclipse Day Food Talk, Merianne Myers talks food and astronomy with Linda Perkins. listen08/21/2017
Join Host Merianne Myers and fellow foodie Linda Perkins as they talk about cooking. listen08/07/2017
Merrianne and Linda talk about over-fat brisket and stone fruits. listen07/18/2017
Merrianne and Linda walk about the last best of the berries, stone fruits, and upcoming food events. listen07/03/2017
Innovative cooking - what's in your fridge? Also, it's the last of the berries, thinking of stone fruit, and not quite time for sweet corn. listen06/19/2017

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