Airing the 4th Sunday of every month:

Local radio from our youngest up-and-coming programmers.

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Astronemis, Dylan, Gabe and George host K-Astoria Youth Radio   listen11/26/2017
The KAYR Crew brings you another stellar episode featuring Astronemis, Erica, Dylan and Gabe.   listen08/27/2017
Dylan and Gabe host with special musical guests Astronemis and Brutus   listen07/23/2017
Astoria Youth Radio   listen06/25/2017
Hosts Dylan and Gabe with in-studio guest Astronemis spin tunes for you. Also featuring an original story by Ryan and contributions from the Astor Post.     listen05/28/2017
Dylan and Gabe host with musical guests Evan Lemmy/The Eva'Lovin'Oven and Cal, and Astor Post contributors Brian and Andrew.   listen04/23/2017
Astoria Youth Radio: Dylan and Gabe co-host with special musical guest Nate, and a spoken word piece by the Ever-Lovin' Oven. listen03/26/2017
Featuring hosts Dylan and Gabe, a live performance by Ford, and contributions from Evan, Kylie and the Astor Post.   listen02/26/2017
Astoria Youth Radio hosted by Dylan Hauser-Schalk and Gabe White.   listen01/22/2017