The Human Beat March14 2022

Welcome to the Human Beat!  I’m Roger Rocka.
The City of Astoria is engaged in a process intended to provide some affordable housing downtown, in the area bounded by Duane, Exchange, 11th and 12th streets.  Some additional units would be used by Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare to provide housing and treatment for their clients.
The City is engaged in exclusive negotiations with a Portland firm, Edlen and Company, to design, build and manage the project.
This afternoon will bring the first of two initial open houses where community members can discuss the project and offer comments.  Representatives from Edlen & Co, Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare, the local project architect, and representatives from the City of Astoria will be in attendance.
The open houses are being held at the Astoria Armory from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM.  The second one will be held on March 14.
I asked Jill Sherman, one of the founders of Edlen and Company, to talk with us today about her company, how the project came about, the initial design ideas and where things go from here.  
I want to disclose that I sit on the Astoria City Council and I voted for the exclusive negotiating agreement with Edlen and Company.  The project has drawn some opposition, particularly because of its location and the inclusion of a portion of it for mental health housing and care.  
Jill Sherman of Edlen & Company, thank you for joining us today…
We’ve been talking with Jill Sherman of Edlen & Company, which is working with the City of Astoria to develop affordable housing in the area called Heritage Square. 
The first public open house to discuss the project will be this afternoon from 4:30 to 7:30 at the Astoria Armory.
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