The Human Beat December 13 2021

Welcome to the Human Beat!  I’m Roger Rocka.

Clatsop Community Action is a non-profit agency that has been providing services to low-income residents of the county for over 30 years.  CCA tries to help people meet their critical needs like shelter and food.  Their clients include people who are homeless.

The executive director of Clatsop Community Action is Viviana Matthews.

That’s Viviana Matthews, executive director of Clatsop Community Action, a non-profit agency helping low-income residents meet basic, critical needs.

During our interview, we talked about the diversity of the homeless population and I thought we’d use the few minutes we have left for some examples.  Here are excerpts from some interviews I did a few years ago at the Astoria Warming Center.

That’s the Human Beat for this month.  I’m Roger Rocka.  Thanks for listening.