Poems for Company, February 27 2023

“Unlived Lives”: What prompted you to make personal life-altering choices?  Do you believe a sky-god or some other cosmic force oversees your personal choices?  Has your life unfolded due to random events?  The three contemporary poems in this episode reflect on our personal choices that at times lead us to fantasize about how it all could have been different.  Tony Hoagland, “Happy and Free,” from Priest Turned Therapist Treats Fear of God (Graywolf Press, 2018).  Ellen Bass, “Indigo,” from Indigo (Copper Canyon Press, 2020).  Carl Dennis, “The God Who Loves You,” from Practical Gods (Penguin Books, 2001) and reprinted in New and Selected Poems, 1974-2004 (Penguin Books, 2004).  The theme music for Poems for Company is Philip Aaberg’s “Going-to-the-Sun” from his CD Live from Montana, available at Sweetgrassmusic.com