Pet Spotlight for the South Pacific County Humane Society


December 14, 2021 - December 20, 2021    
All Day


South Pacific County Humane Society
330 NE 2nd St. , Longbeach, Washington, 97631

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Meet five year old Chow Chow Ginny! She came from a rescue based in Taiwan earlier this year. Ginny is sweet and friendly. She seems quite indifferent to other dogs. She can be a little ‘head shy’ if approached suddenly, so a home without small children would probably be best. That said Ginny likes human attention, especially if she knows the person. Ginny has some arthritis in her rear legs, and is on supplements. This doesn’t stop her from moving, though! She actually likes to jog a bit on her walks and will get ‘the zoomies’ when she is feeling playful! Ginny is really a delight, if she sounds like the girl for you please go to and follow the links to adopt. 
Also South Pacific County Humane Society is looking for volunteer dog walkers! You would be joining a dedicated team who make sure the dogs are walked. This is a wonderful opportunity to get fresh air and exercise, and to meet like-minded people invested in the well-being of the shelter dogs. Our dog walkers are truly a team, and not only exercise the dogs, but also spend time helping our pups become better socialized so helping them to get adopted. If you are interested in joining our volunteer dog walking team, visit  and follow the links to Volunteer.