Holistic Horse Massage

Whether you wish to increase your horse’s speed on the racetrack, your horse is arthritic, or your horse is recovering from an injury (and anything in between) this site is a great place to start. My name is Jessamyn Grace, and I have been an internationally certified Equine Massage Practitioner since 2005. You can find out more about my credentials on my website, as well as the different types of massage I do, the benefits of each, what to expect from and how to prepare for an appointment, as well as other valuable information throughout this site.

Why use massage therapy for horses?

Our relationship with the horse has evolved over time and the horse has proven itself to be a loyal and hardworking companion. Today horses are still used for work, but they are primarily used for recreation and sports. All of these gifts that horses bestow upon us require physical strength and mental exertion, often in the form of activities that are repetitive, laborious, and challenging. By paying attention to the effects our demands have on the horse we can take steps to alleviate many of the issues that arise from physical work, repetitive movement, competitive sports, stress, etc. Massage and bodywork is an excellent way to improve resulting ailments and can benefit a horse socially, physically and emotionally.

Because massage employs a more holistic view of health and well-being, it becomes possible to understand how a horse in all of its complex and beautiful entirety can benefit from massage. To have a horse that is healthy in body, mind and spirit can only benefit those who care about the animal as well. For those who have a great deal invested in the horse- emotionally, time-wise, or financially (and often all of the above)- massage is an excellent investment and a genuine way of giving back to a companion that gives us so much.

Holistic Horse Massage

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