HiiH Gallery

HiiH — pronounced “Hi Hi” — brings together the function of light, the craft of paper, and the art of sculpture. Handcrafted in Astoria, Oregon, our designs are seen in residential and commercial settings as well as galleries throughout the country.

We are a husband-wife team who work collaboratively from concept and design through to the creation of our paper light sculptures, continually inspiring one another into further exploration.

Beginning with natural raw materials, we employ both traditional and self-taught techniques. The rhythms of papermaking, wire bending, and papering, painting and waxing shape our days and weeks.

For us, this work feels both functional and expressive. We consider how the light will affect the feeling and usage of a space. We are deeply inspired by the natural world to invoke the cycles of new growth, of silence and fruition that we see and feel in our lives. Through our work, we hope to enhance these elements in other people’s lives. We also draw extensively on the wellspring of Asian aesthetics.

HiiH Gallery

phone: 503.493.4367

website: hiihlights.com/