Pet Spotlight for South Pacific County Humane Society


October 12, 2021 - October 18, 2021    
All Day


South Pacific County Humane Society
330 NE 2nd St. , Longbeach, Washington, 97631

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Meet Hope, she is a smashing young girl with a glint in her eye and a spring in her step! Hope is two year old brindle Formosan Mountain Dog  (FMD) rescued in Taiwan, and brought to California in July. She came to South Pacific County Humane Society in August, and is already a shelter favorite! Hope is charming and active with a goofy sense of humor. An affectionate girl, she loves to cuddle. True to the FMD profile, she is agile, intelligent, and very trainable. Hope is very social not only with the shelter staff and volunteers but enjoys playing with the other young shelter dogs as well. She enjoys going for walks and is always ready and waiting when the dog walking team arrive. Dog walker Dawn Penny Brown says, ‘I love Hope. She is such a sweet pup. She is keen to learn and very smart with a great temperament. I hope she finds her human soon!’’
A bit more about the breed. Formosan Mountain Dogs typically live on the streets of Taipei. Their relatives live in locations across Asia and their ancestors have lived in close proximity to humans for thousands of years. In recent years, animal rescues have been rescuing these dogs from the streets in 
Taiwan, and bringing them to the United States, where they are establishing quite a following for their positive traits and nice medium size! 
Hope is fully vetted, and was completely screened by veterinarians before leaving Taiwan. This lovely dog would be a great hiking partner, family dog, or perhaps even an agility dog. If you are interested in Hope or any of the shelter pets, please visit and follow the instructions for “Adopt”. Staff will review your application, and will contact you to make arrangements for you to meet the pet in person. If you think Hope is the girl for you, fill
out an application now!