Nuns4Fun Christmas Bingo Fundraiser for the Larsen Center


December 14, 2022    
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Charlene Larsen Center for the Performing Arts (aka the PAC)
588 16th Street on the corner of 16th and Franklin, Astoria , OR, 97103

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Vicki Quade is the reason for the season—CHRISTMAS BINGO! With quick bingo games, she keeps the audience laughing with her deadpan takes on Catholic Christmas traditions. Ms. Quade knows how to work the room. Relying on lessons learned from the nuns (here she plays an ex-nun, Mrs. Mary Margaret O’Brien now in charge of the archdiocese’s bingo fundraising department) she uses her ruler for emphasis, never raises her voice, and enlists willing participants regardless of religion.
Yes, there will be CHRISTMAS BINGO prizes! Think 70’s Christmas albums, VHS Christmas movie cassettes, reindeer gummies and for Jewish BINGO winners, a Barbara Streisand Christmas album. Holy cards are the best prizes. The Get Out of Hell Free card is only given as an award for significant participation! Get ready for 2 hours of belly laughs with Mrs. O’Brien!