June 25, 2022    
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Peninsula Senior Center
21603 "O" Place, Ocean Park, WA, 98640

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Popular local historian, Sydney Stevens, will be the featured speaker at the INSIGHT FOR ELDERS program at the Peninsula Senior Center in Ocean Park, WA. Her topic, which she describes as “near and dear to her heart,” is Putting the Story Back in History.
“When you think about it,” says Stevens, “our history is just a collection of stories. It’s not the headlines in the newspapers or the latest happenings told in the social media. Our history is a composite of the experiences of our ancestors, the stories that have come to us over time, told and retold by the elders of the community, and eventually preserved in written form.”
Stevens laments the gradual decline of the storytelling tradition. “I’m eager to share some exciting ways to put the stories back in our own history,” she says.
According to Tony Pfannenstiel, organizer of the Insight for Elders series, “This is a fabulous opportunity to learn from an expert! We all have stories to tell and whether you want to capture your history for posterity or for the amusement of your grandchildren, Sydney will share some tricks that will make storytelling and preserving personal history fun for all of us! You will not want to miss this fabulous opportunity to learn how to share your personal history. See you there!”

CONTACT: Tony Pfannenstiel

INSIGHT FOR ELDERS: The Mission Statement of INSIGHT FOR ELDERS is to provide opportunity for continued learning for seniors through lectures and discussions on critical topics relevant to their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Subjects will include legal and financial advice for seniors, habits for living well, recreational opportunities, death and dying, living with pain, local ecology and geology, and much more. We are hoping these lectures will provide for rousing discussion and opportunities to form a better community. Lectures locations will be held throughout the Peninsula for your convenience