January 25, 2023    
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Oysterville Schoolhouse
3322 School Rd., Oysterville, Washington, 98640

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What to expect from this Class:
Let history come alive as you explore your own family’s link to monumental events of the past. Sandi will pass on tips from years of her own research and explore some factors that might motivate you to become a passionate researcher. She will share ideas about how to get started or to overcome brick walls you may have already encountered. Have you ever pondered where or how your great-great grandparents lived or how their medical history might affect you? Genealogy may help you uncover circumstances of their day-to-day lives, open doors to their relationships, status, possessions, professions, experiences, and possibly old actual photos; through wills, deeds, census data, and other valued archives. To properly build a family tree you need to know physical places to search, as well as, how to search online. You need to know what data to trust, how to uncover obscure facts, issues with online genealogy programs, how to use DNA, and the value of family lore.  

Brief Bio
Sandra (Sandi) Melvin has lived the majority of her life on the Columbia River and the Long Beach Peninsula, but for 18 year in the oil fields of Southeast Texas as a professional genealogical researcher searching for the rightful owners of mineral rights for various oil companies. She has served as president of the Clatsop County Genealogical Society, president of the Long Beach Genealogical Society, and numerous other historical societies and heritage museums.

The Mission Statement of INSIGHT FOR ELDERS is to provide opportunity for continued learning for seniors through lectures and discussions on critical topics relevant to their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Subjects will include local ecology and geology, legal and financial advice for seniors, habits for living well, recreational opportunities, death and dying, living with pain, and much more. We are hoping these lectures will provide for rousing discussion and opportunities to form a better community.