Cannon Beach Arts Association

Cannon Beach Arts Association


August 27, 2020 - September 28, 2020    
7:00 pm - 12:00 am

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Cannon Beach, OR – August 26, 2020 The Cannon Beach Arts Association is pleased to present a sculptural exhibition. Located at the Cannon Beach Gallery ( 1064 South Hemlock St. The exhibit takes place 11 – 4pm Wednesday, August 26 through September 27, 2020. Featuring work by Carol Lebreton, Randy McClelland, Greg Wilbur, and Scott Johnson.

Artist Carol Lebreton creates dynamic work that seeks to balance the practical with the aesthetic. Lebreton’s work is made of porcelain, oxides, and granite grit. The artist aims to engage viewers senses on multiple levels. Visual, tactile, auditory, but also on the kinetic level. When the work is moved, the hollow sculpture emanates sound. Lebretons work is part of public and private collections throughout the united states and abroad.

Born and educated in Oregon, Greg Wilbur graduated from the University of Oregon in 1978, with degrees in Fine Art and Art Education. Wilbur is known for hammering/raising metal into sculptural and vessel forms. Using a technique like hand building, Wilbur hammers flat sheets of copper, brass, pewter, and silver into closed sculptural forms.

Randy McClelland was first introduced to clay in 1984, while attending the American School in Japan. While abroad he was exposed to Japans fondness with ceramics and its cultural aesthetic. McClelland uses local materials in his clay bodies and surface glazes. The result being one of a kind wood fired ceramics.

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