Tillicum Foundation Policy
governing the Community Advisory Board
as amended & adopted April 17, 2008

Section I: Name:  The Tillicum Foundation Community Advisory Board

Section II: Purpose:
The purposes of the Tillicum Foundation Community Advisory Board (CAB) are to:

  1. ensure the Foundation complies with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) rules and guidelines governing broadcasters’ commitment to “localism and diversity . . . ensur[ing] that communities have access to valuable, locally responsive programming” ; and
  2. provide the public the opportunity to be heard on station programming, community service and impact on the community of major policy decisions.

Section III: Authority
The role of the CAB shall be solely advisory in nature, except to the extent other responsibilities are delegated to the CAB by the Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors. In no case shall the CAB have any authority to exercise any control over the daily management or operation of the station.

Section IV: Duties

  1. The Tillicum Foundation Community Advisory Board (CAB) is mandated to:
    1.  review the programming goals established by the Foundation;
    2   review the services provided by the Foundation;
    3.  review major policy decisions rendered by the Foundation;
    4.  advise the Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors with respect to whether the programming and other goals of the broadcast stations of the Tillicum Foundation are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station;
    5.  advise the Board regarding conclusions reached through their review of 1. through 4. above; and
    6.  perform other responsibilities delegated to it by the Board.
  2. Additional Tillicum Foundation (TF) Board goals for the CAB are to:
    1.  serve as a sounding board for  the Tillicum Foundation in the community;
    2.  contact and develop relationships with individuals, groups and organizations not currently involved in community radio;
    3.  expand the listener base for the stations of the Tillicum Foundation;
    4.  expand Tillicum Foundation membership;
    5.  expand Tillicum Foundation sponsorship;
    6.   build capacity;
    7.  establish informal and formal feedback loops with individuals and other community organizations; and
    8.   assist the Tillicum Foundation Board with strategic planning.

Section V: Membership

  1. Composition: The Tillicum Foundation Community Advisory Board will reasonably represent the diverse needs and interests of community sectors served by the station.  Emphasis will be given to representation of the special educational and cultural needs of the community and to geographical distribution representing the listening area served by the stations of the Tillicum Foundation.
    The CAB may not include members of the station staff or governing body other than in an ex officio or administrative capacity.
  2. Size:  The CAB will consist of between 5 and 11 members appointed by the Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors. Additional members may be nominated by the CAB for appointment by the TF Board as deemed necessary to complete the charge of the CAB.
  3. Term of Service: Annual service with renewable terms.

Section VI: Officers

Coordinator and a Recorder will be appointed annually by the CAB from among its members.

  1. The duties of the Coordinator are to assist in the development of the CAB’s meeting agenda, facilitate the CAB meetings and be the point of contact for the Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors.
  2. The duties of the Recorder are to keep and distribute the Minutes as described in Section VI: Documentation.

Section VII:  Meetings

  1. The CAB will meet at least twice each year, preferably in connection with the Tillicum Foundation Annual Membership Meeting in the fall and with the annual Tillicum Foundation planning process in the spring.  One meeting each year will be held in a county other than Clatsop that is in the listening area of the stations of the Tillicum Foundation.
  2. Additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the CAB or at the request of the TF Board.
  3. All CAB meetings will be open to the public.
  4. CAB members are encouraged to attend all open meetings of the Tillicum Foundation Board.
  5. Members of the Tillicum Foundation Board will be encouraged to attend meetings of the CAB.

Section VIII: Documentation

  1. The CAB will keep minutes, including attendance and voting records, of its official meetings and actions. Minutes will be provided to the Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors in a timely manner.
  2. The CAB will report its findings and recommendations to the Tillicum Foundation Board in a timely manner following each CAB meeting or at least on an annual basis.
  3. Minutes and reports of the CAB will be kept on file at the Tillicum House and be made available to the public on request.

Section IX:  Budget

The Tillicum Foundation authorizes an annual budget not to exceed $200 for operations of the CAB.

Section X: Certification

The Tillicum Foundation will certify continued compliance with the requirements for a CAB as part of its annual Certification of Eligibility form included in the Stations Grant Management System (SGMS) of the Corporation for
Public Broadcasting, and elsewhere as required by the CPB.

Section XI: Revisions to the Policy

Revisions to this policy may be made by a majority vote of the Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors as deemed necessary to meet the goals of the Foundation and/or the requirements of the Federal Communications
Commission and/or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

This policy adopted by unanimous vote of the Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors on April 17, 2008. It amends the policy adopted March 27, 2008.