Tillicum Foundation Community Advisory Board (CAB) Policy Manual

Adopted: 5/25/1988; Revised: 4/20/1994; 11/8/1995; 7/25/2018; 6/24/2021; 8/10/2022

1. Community Advisory Board Overview

a. The Tillicum Foundation maintains a Community Advisory Board (CAB) per the requirements of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting [47 U.S.C. Section 396(k)(8)] and the Federal Communications Act.

b. The CAB is solely advisory in nature, and cannot exercise any control over the daily management or operation of the station.

c. The CAB aims to reasonably represent the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by the Tillicum Foundation, and recruitment for CAB members will be intentional in order to achieve this perpetual goal. CAB seeks to prioritize representation of local populations including, but not limited to:
     i. Indigenous Groups (Chinook and Clatsop-Nehalem)
     ii. Latinx and Hispanic Population(s)
     iii. Black and African American Population(s)
     iv. Differently-Abled Persons
     v. Senior Citizens
     vi. LGBTQI+ Persons
     vii. Youth and Education Communities
     viii. Geographic Representation from KMUN’s Entire FM Broadcast Region

d. The Program Director and/or Station Manager serve as administrative support for the CAB, and work with the Admin and Secretary of CAB to set the agenda prior to each meeting.
     i. The PD and/or Station Manager will appoint an Admin and  Secretary from the group of approved CAB members each calendar year, before the first CAB meeting is scheduled.

      ii. The Admin will be responsible for running the meetings.
     iii. The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at each meeting and submitting to the group for corrections within a              week of the meeting. The approved minutes will then be sent to the BOD’s CAB Committee.

e. The CAB should consist of community members not otherwise involved at the station, in order to provide an outside perspective. Staff, members of the Board of Directors, and other volunteers may attend CAB meetings as guests only.

2. Membership

a. CAB maintains up to 8 members, each approved by the Tillicum
Foundation Board with terms renewable annually.
     i. Applications to the CAB are accepted by the CAB Committee on a rolling basis, and will be submitted to the Board of  Directors for approval if it is determined that the applicant fills a need based on representation goals as listed above in this policy (Section 1, Bullet II).
     ii. New CAB members can fill vacant seats (up to 8 members in total) at any point in the calendar year. Their annual renewal will be up for reapproval in January along with the rest of the CAB.

3. Recruitment
a. Board members, staff, and volunteers are invited to recruit new CAB members from the community who fill any gaps or deficiencies in the CAB as it stands at any given time, as described in the representation goals in the first section of this policy.

4. Meetings
a. CAB meets regularly twice annually with dates, times, and written
agendas publicly announced on the KMUN website and in on-air announcements, at least 2 weeks in advance.
b. The Admin of the CAB can call for an additional meeting to address unforeseen circumstances outside of the regularly scheduled meetings.
c. Quorum for a CAB meeting is no more than 2 members absent. Meetings will be scheduled to accommodate the full group.
d. The agenda of each CAB meeting is as follows:
     i. General review of the previous year’s programming, including  the following:
          1. Review of the previous year’s goals and suggestions, and the success of implementation.
          2. Where the programming is/was effective in the community representation.
          3. Where the programming’s community representation can improve.

         4. Discussion of possible recruitment focus(es) for the coming
year, based on desired improvements. (Can be similar to the
year before if sufficient progress was not possible.)
     ii. Consolidation of written suggestions for the programming
department to consider in the coming year:
          1. List of communities the CAB believes should be a primary
focus on recruitment and/or collaboration.
          2. Relevant contacts or organizations who may provide initial
 connection in the recruitment/collaboration process

e. CAB meetings should not include:
     i. Discussion of programming minutiae (individual episodes, host
     evaluations, opinions of personal taste, specific program concepts, etc.). This feedback can be sent to staff as general feedback from individuals, but is not affiliated with CAB’s purpose and should therefore not be discussed in these meetings.

5. Materials
a. The Tillicum Foundation supplies CAB members with up-to-date materials needed to perform their duties, including:
     i. Tillicum Foundation Mission & Equity Statements
     ii. Tillicum Foundation Written Programming Policies
     iii. FCC Rules & Regulations for Broadcasting (heavily abbreviated, only as they pertain to this group’s focus).
     iv. CAB Policy Manual & Job Description